What would you do? (picture related)


Can you remember that film called 'freaky friday' when the mother and daughter awoke one day to find themselves in each others body? the film was complete garbage but it got me thinking.
I have a question to you all ...

Lets get hypothetical for a moment ...

You wake up in the morning at the hello project apartments to find out that you have turned into your favorite idol ... you are still yourself inside ... but your outside is that of an idol ... the burning question is ... what would be the first 2 things you did?
Its a question that could fuel numerous erotic fan-fics no doubt, I would really like to know what people would do ...

My answer ...

I wake up in the morning only to find out that I've turned in to Yajima Maimi ...
The first thing I would do is take a loooooooong shower ... maybe about 8 hours long to make sure I'm really really really clean...
The second thing I would do is go through my phone and arrange a big hello project hot springs visit ... girls under the age of consent are excluded of course*.
While at the hot springs I would find out all the inside gossip about who's dating who and what the girls really think of those fat 50 year old wotas jumping up and down screaming out prepubescent girls names.

What would you do? explicit details not necessary ... but encouraged :D

*Risako Sugaya is permitted to join in.


Rishadan said...

I think I'd like to switch bodies with Eri. And what would I do?

This short clip explains it :D

rackles said...

If I woke up in the body of Shimizu Saki (assuming I also had the ability to suddenly speak Japanese)...

First, I would check to make sure that this gray shirt wasn't just creating an optical illusion:


Secondly, I would go hang out with the other girls! ...And give the other girls hugs.

Shirow said...

@ Risadan

As sad as it sounds I think every man on the planet would exactly that.


It would be hard to stop hugging everyone ... they wouldn't suspect a thing

renaye said...

hmm... i never thought of that. but if i were to be able to be in my idol's body [ai takahashi]... i think i would just try getting all the mm member's autograph and then sell on ebay. XD

Anonymous said...

If I were in Risa's body, I'd like to see just how far her relationships with Eri and Ai-chan go.

Personally I think that Risa and Ai-chan are having sex most of the time (hence why Risa's stomach is getting really ab-tastic, and Ai's is getting even more so). Then I think she has Eri for a bit of petting.

If that's the case, then I'd RAVAGE the pair of them...


Shirow said...

@ Reneye

Just autographs? I'm sure you could get something alot more personal than that ... underwear? XD

@ Lolli


I would not doubt you for a single second, I'm sure you would ravage the life out of them :D

Anonymous said...

this one time, in band camp...err...I mean...my dream. I...



Is it bad for me to say that I'd like to ravage the hell out of Risa and/or Ai?

(also, could I pretend that I was drunk whilst posting this?)

midori said...

I'd switch bodies with Koharu. Don't ask me why. While I don't like her, it's because of how annoying her voice is. I'd definately go to a voice training/recording session and sing with a good, mature voice and a rich tone (or which ever one was required for the song. go to my blog to see more!

Rad said...

Man, talk about foxes in the henhouse.

Anonymous said...

Where's all the perv?

Ohh...also. I liked Freaky Friday!

shurastriker said...

if i switch bodies with Maimi?
turning her in to a lesbian...

however i better switch with Risa so i can stay really close to Aichan and also look some backstage action in momusu \o/

PD: if something like this happen then... sorry for the girls (very sorry)

Shining Star said...

I cant really tell all things I would try when I was an Idol, but chibiloli's idea pretty much sums it up. ^^:
I'm sure I would explore myself and check myself in all details, so I can remember when changed back. xD

Anonymous said...

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