Genghis Khan Tarutaru Mix


There's something about this release that I cant quite put my finger on ... I don't know if I love or loathe it ... I cant say I'm the biggest euro electro pop fan ... nor am I a fan of high pitched chipmunk style vocals, yet there's something so irresistible about this remix single.
Its quite clearly a cash in to ride the wave of success generated by Berryz Kobo, but I have to admire Tsunku's imagination and experimental side, there's been many moments within my h!p fandom that makes me say WTF? ... and this is one of them.
If you wanna experience this then download the track here.
Or alternatively press play and listen below.
While looking around for more information I came across another song that 'Dschinghis Khan' did which is called 'Moskau' the song is really funny and odd, some of you might remember the song from ytmnd.com as I recall it was featured quite heavily years ago.
Check the video below at your own risk, German pop can be a scary thing.

Dschinghis Khan Tarutaru Mix - Berryz Koubou

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