Meet Cuca!

Meet Cuca, she's 6 years old and by the looks of it a complete hardcore Wota.
I found her YouTube channel a few weeks ago and there's a great selection of videos of her dancing to various Hello! project videos, even though shes very young she has a brilliant dance ability and pulls off each dance with close to professional precision ... although I think her brother could do with a few more dance lessons.
I think its a safe assumption that her parents film her and upload these videos on her behalf, it makes me wonder if her parents are also hardcore Wota? ... I wonder if from birth they indoctrinated her? ... either way she seems to be enjoying herself and slowly picking up a fan following, she seems happy to take requests so I suggested that she should dance to 'Special Generation' and/or 'Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai'.
I hope all people with YouTube accounts subscribe to her channel which can be found here.
Here's a video of Cuca dancing along to 'Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance' ... its so sweet!!!

And here's the not so sweet ... Hardcore Wotaku Japanese men dancing to 'jiriri kiteru'.

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Habichan said...

Awww! I found her a while ago and i can't believe she's only 6 and dances so well!
Her brother is also so funny and cute :)