Blog Whoring


My good good Friend Lolli recently started a new blog thing on Live journal called 'Lolli's love lunch'.
Feel free to go read her fan girl rants and pervy thoughts, although to read some stuff she writes you might need to add her as a friend!
Follow the link!

Lolli's love lunch


Also because I'm a total blog slut I've created a new blog that's dedicated to the lovely sexy lady Yajimi Maimi, if you enjoy looking at her as much as me then I think you'll find the blog highly relevant to your interests.

I Love My Maimi

And for no reason whatsoever here's a sexy pic of Risa Niigaki.



chibilolli said...

Cheers Blud!

That Risa pic is really hawt. I wanna put it on my phone, but I can't...


Anonymous said...

You don't need a reason to post Risa in a bikini; that she simply exists is reason enough:) you are awesome!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the info.that is interesting.