1000 yen for a squeeze!


The following blue text is lifted from Tokyo reporter

TOKYO - It is a recent Sunday afternoon inside the offices of adult video broadcaster Paradise TV. Two enthusiastic female voices can be heard counting from behind a pair of covered booths: “Ichi, ni, san, shi, go!”

The entry flap of one booth is labeled with the kanji character pronounced ushiro (behind) and colored pink, the other is yellow and marked oppai (breast). Outside is a line of five men, each of whom is eagerly awaiting his turn to grab (with both hands) the bare buttocks and breasts of two adult video (AV) actresses five times for 1,000 yen - with all the proceeds being used for research to prevent the spread of the HIV virus and AIDS.

“I am so proud to have been selected for such a worthy cause,” says the curvy Aya Natsuki, 25, a veteran of roughly 50 AV films who ceded each of her buns for 100 yen per squeeze. “As well, this is an opportunity for me to communicate much more directly with my fans.”

Each year Paradise TV, a channel which specializes in wacky porn programming, holds its annual “24-Hour TV: Eroticism Saves the Earth” fund drive to raise money for the prevention of AIDS, a condition that continues to be a worsening problem in Japan.

Last year, donations totaled 2 million yen. Paradise expects this year to see a 50% increase in pledges, which have come from as far as away as North Carolina. Satellite provider SKY PerfecTV, which hosts Paradise broadcasts, and the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention are supporters.

In February, the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare reported that the number of new infections of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, reached a record high of 1,048 in 2007. The ministry’s AIDS Surveillance Committee revealed that the number of cases of AIDS over the same period reached 400. The total number of 1,448 represented an increase over the year before for the fifth consecutive year.

Considering all of this lewd activity is for a really good cause its hard to find fault with this.
In my opinion everybody wins, I would no doubt do my part for charity ...
Follow the link above for more on the story and some boobie pictures ... I would post them here but I wanna keep Wotaku Now! a nipple free zone (for now).

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