Hello! project 2009 calenders

I'm quite supprised that we get to see previews this early (it is early right?).
So far this year each day has been graced by a gorgeous photo from the Morning Musume 2008 calender, but for the next year I reckon I'm gonna go with Berryz Kobo, although looking at these new photos my mind might change ...

Berryz Kobo 2009


All the Berryz girls wearing lovely dresses! and surprise surprise! ... Risako is in front.
While I'm tempted to say this photo looks boring ... I cant because all the girls look so sweet, lets hope we see some more inside photos soon.

C-ute 2009


When I first laid eyes upon this photo I started laughing really hard ... and even now I cant help but laugh, Umeda Erika dressed up in her indian garb complete with red dot (the red dot is called a tika, and is meant to signify that a woman is married) is too funny!, they really should research this stuff more.
Okai and Mai look like Chun Li from streetfighter (awesome), Kanna and Saki look like Dutch milk maids (cute yet odd) and Airi and Maimi are wearing lovely dresses, I think Airi's hat is so adorable.

Morning Musume 2009


When I first saw this picture my eyes went directly went to Koharu's legs ... aint they alluring?
then my eyes went to all the other girls ... they all have sexy legs! looks like this calender is gonna crank the sexy up to 11.


Anonymous said...

For the 3rd time (stop fiddling with your blogger!!!)

I really like the Berryz one. Even though the pic looks semi boring (steps?), they all look fantastic <3

The C-ute one...WTF? I really don't understand the outfits, and I don't like it at all. I am not even going to think of buying that one. I'm sure you'll enjoy it Shirow - I bet one picture in it has Maimi in short shorts!

The Morning Musume one...OMFG I love it. I kinda don't understand what they've done to Risa's hair. But I can cope with that. Now, I'm assuming she's wearing a skirt, but if she's wearing short shorts like Ai...*dead* Koharu's legs look great, Reina's legs look soooooooo skinny *urgh* and Ai's legs look a little bruised.
Ai...you should really stop rolling around with Risa...

...or not :nosebleed:

Don't anybody get me wrong. Ai's legs look great <3

I think I'll be ordering the MM one <3

Xacur said...

Momusu's one is great, the best of these three.
I like the other two, but Berryz's one is kind of simple.
I think I'd love Chisato and Mai's outfits is I could see them complete.
Maimi's outfit I think it's Spanish or but I'm not sure.
I want all of them.