Super Cute Koahru strikes again!

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Maybe I'm a little biased towards talking about Koharu since she is my favorite idol within Morning Musume, yet I cant help but sing her praises when she brings something out.
The track of 'Papan Cake' at first didnt make much of an impression me, I thought it didnt contain any hooks or memorable moments, yet thankfully after much continious listening I can safely say I'm a big fan of the song ... yet I can also say its far from being one of her best, I was hoping its genki levels would surpass the legendary 'Konichipa!' ... it didnt.
The PV is a typical koharu video, its good to see she hasnt dropped her air guitar.
The 'set' is fairly low bugget, its just a room littered with various props, toys, instrumensts and what not, yet who cares when you have Koharu flailing her arms and legs around like its going out of fashion?
Her outfit is a beautiful colour purple with splashes of honey yellow, she really looks adorable (as always).
A moment that really makes me love this is when Koharu belts out the lyric 'HAI!!!!!' ... I could listen to that forever.
The one thing (and one thing only) that annoys me about the video is that she dosent even eat the bloody pancake, throughout the video she flirts with it, pouring over the maple syrup ... looking at it wantingly ... she even cuts into it with her fork ... and then the PV ends! what an anti-climax!!!!
I seriously hope I get to see Koharu NOM on some pancakes in the 'making of' or I'll never have closure :(
All in all its a typical Koharu affair, lovers of Koharu will love it and the haters will hate it.

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