Berryz Kobo - Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance!

The PV came out today on Dohhup!
I've uploaded a low quality version to veoh, I'll re-upload another one later of higher quality.
I'll also write about it later when I'm drunk, words tend to flow better that way.


I'll keep the review very simple because I'm now kinda hungover ...

The video is awesome from start to finish, the short frilly skirts are relevant to my interests and the dance routine seems fairly complex and very funny.
The monkey suits multiply the awesomeness by a thousand, I think that Chinami and Massa stand out the most in this video, their antics as monkeys are really cute and sweet.
Its good to see the Berryz getting more of an equal line distribution.
I'm wondering how many different versions there will be of this ... I'm hoping there will be a close up version and dance version (with and without monkey suits).
My head hurts, I'm gonna lay down.


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