Tsunku shows us his cute pianist


Mano Erina can play the damn piano?! it seems so considering she's about to realase a single cleverly entitled 'MANOPIANO' (did you see what they did there?).
I think Mano is still a fairly unknown idol, she's had her stint in 'Ongaku gatas' which showed that she has a brilliant singing ability (she's also good at making those UHH AHH sounds ... check koi no bell).
Her introductions to 'Berrikyu' are fairly bland, a simple line and the catchphrase Berrikyu! ... so its kinda hard to see what sort of personality she has ... will she be hyper genki like Koharu? or will she be cool and cute like Risako? ... guessing I would say she will be elegant, polite and slightly reserved, no doubt the single thats coming out will be a slow ballady type affair ... unless Tsunku gets an idea for her to play flight of the bumble bee on a neon pink piano ... but that would just be stupid (yet awesome).
I was hoping that JunJun would get some kind of piano treatment considering she's so bloody amazing at it, will Mano be better than JunJun? will they have a VS battle? ... probably not, but I'm really looking forward to hearing this! I'll post it here when its out, but in the meantime lets just appreciate JunJun's talents.

And just for the Lulz here is a video of JunJun throwing a frisbee at some guys nuts ^^


Radicalpatriot said...

Hmm. If I'm not mistaken piano and ballet are prerequisites for Hello Project auditon and/or entry. Cool post!

MorningBerryz said...

LOL! Junjun rocks!! First the daring banana incident is why I love her so much and now a direct hit in a most um.....sorry cameraman I'm not laughing at you...just near you, better wear a cup next time Junjun's around! :P

"Manopiano"...I have such high hopes for her debut and if all else fails UFA should hold a ping pong battle between Manoeri and Junjun! :P Or volleyball and have Kohachan there too with a case of Red Bull...not that she needs it though! =)