A babble about Suzuki Airi


Suzuki Airi has always been one of my favorite idols within C-ute, she's probably second in line to the goddess Maimi.
Its recently been quite hard to ignore the girl as she has been alot more prominent in PV's and vocal shares, if you were to call her a 'line whore' you would be quite within your rights to do so ... considering she has such a adorable voice who cares if she hogs the lines?.
Airi started her idol career at the tender age of 9, now she is 14 years old so she has a good 5 years of 'idoldom' under her belt, its great to see her grow and develop her skills, it will be very interesting to see what direction she takes in the future, as I hate to say it ... one day C-ute will cease to exist ... and the girls that stand a strong chance of becoming solo vocalists are understandably Maimi and Airi ... with the chance of Nakajima Saki and Okai Chisato becoming a duo unit (how cool would that be?).
The past month Airi seems to of totally consumed me, it's probably to do with the fact of her antics on Berikyuu and the anticipation of her 3rd photobook entitled '6gatsu no Kajitsu' ... I intend to buy this photobook and her two previous books very shortly, I'm just looking forward to seeing some preview shots first.
An internet friend of mine made an off hand remark saying that she looked like an 'alien' and that she was 'freaky' ... that individual was promptly blocked from my MSN list for a good week or so.
Below you will find 2 download links for her 2 previous photobooks 'Airi' and 'Clear'.
Also a solo video of her performing the song 'Sayonara no love song' ... it really is quite beautiful indeed.

1st photobook - Airi.

2nd photobook - Clear.


CatchFiveBats said...

I don't know if this counts a rant...I always thought rants were angry.

Regardless, I also love Airi.
- Zac

Shirow said...

Hmm, well I guess rants can be angry ... I'll change the word to 'babble' instead :)

Anonymous said...

She DOES look like an alien. But in a cute way.

Shirow said...

A cute alien!!!

Anonymous said...

Eventhough Airi is a "line-hog", I still like her. ^-^
She's one of my favorite H!P members ~ just that I think C-ute isn't a very 'fair' group.

Anonymous said...

your friend was probably looking at herself in the mirror when she said Airi looked like an Alien

Anonymous said...

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Q-iela said...

please don't say anything bad to her... it's not her fault... it's the composer who chose her to sing the lines and as a singer she have to accept it...