Airi's Classic in 60 seconds!


Before this dvd came out I was kinda confused, WHAT exactly was it? ... the title 'Airis Classic' is fairly vauge ... If I was in charge I would of called it 'Airi fails at mini-golf for 50 minutes'.
Thats right ... the whole video is dedicated to Airi playing mini-golf all by herself, some people would find that relatively tedious ... yet considering its Suzuki Airi ... its awesome, I could quite happily watch that girl cut her toenails, anything she does just drips with adoribility and win.
I spent the good part of an hour making screen caps of the videos best parts ... but then I thought sod it.
So since I havent made an OPV for a while I hope you might enjoy this ...
I called it 'Airi's Classic in 60 seconds!' ... I made it with some crappy windows program so it kept crashing on me >:( ... but I should be getting an imac soon so I should be able to make more in the furure.
The full length version of 'Airi's Classic can be viewed and downloaded here.
Below is the OPV I made, hope you like it ^^

(note - Veoh rejected my uploads of this video, I have no idea why so I uploaded it via youtube)


nnathann said...

lol just wondering can u please tell me the name of the song i havn't heard that in ages.

Shirow said...

I'm not sure of the exact name of the song, but its known as the 'benny hill theme'.

Chris said...

It is called "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph. Better known today as the Benny Hill theme. And it is my current ringtone!
Now can someone tell me the name of the GakiKame theme on Haromoni@?