Maasa gets her first Photobook!


Out off all the girls in Berryz I thought that Maasa would be the last girl ever to get a photobook ... just think of the other 2 girls she had to contend with ... little loveable Captain and Chi chan with the killer legs, I thought that those girls would of had their first PB many moons ago.
Theres been a bit of speculation recently on Massa's apparent loss of weight so maybe this has something to do with it?
The most pressing question in my mind is what type of shots are we gonna be seeing, I dont think I could imagine Massa in a bikini frolliking along the beach like Risako but time will tell.

The photobook is crypticly entitled 'MAASA' and will be out on 2009/03/11 thats in like 9 days!

I'm really quite stunned by all of this, I'm gonna get a few beers to celebrate such a joyus occasion, WOW.



*please be aware that the preview photo I posted previously was infact Risa Yoshiki and not Maasa Sudo.



Dran said...

Those pics have left me pretty much speechless. I have a feeling this will be the best photobook ever.

Vee said...

Maa has, for my money, always been the best-kept secret in Berryz. I am absolutely thrilled for this pb. And look at those hips!!! MOTHERUCKER LOOK AT THOSE HIPS!!

T!MM!! said...

My captain won't get one, or she;ll be the last one, coz she doesn't fit in bikini, can you imagine that?

solo-kun said...

I'm sooo ready to make my first PB purchase. Yay Maasa!

Anonymous said...

What? UFA made a good decision? What's going on?

gogojimmy said...

wow, that's maasa ?!! o_o
she looks nothing like herself, but she's still shexy as hell. and oh my, yes, those hips. finally a h!p girl with some decent hips ! <3

Anonymous said...

so this is the reason behind "shrinking maasa" lately. to be honest with this PB she'll become the sexiest berryz.

Anonymous said...

Hey this girl you posted is NOT Maasa.

Shirow said...

^ proof plz.

Anonymous said...

The girl above is RIsa Yoshiki used to be a "GURABIA IDOL" in japan years ago.
Even we japanese wotas took this wrong, dont worry.
are the proof I found...hope this be helpful..

Shirow said...

^ anonymous delivers!

Thanks for informing me, I've altered the post accordingly.
She bears a striking resemblance though ^^

Anonymous said...

maasa in a bikini seems relevant but i prefer the maasanator looking strong like that she can rip your head off