Maasa captacular!

The making of Maasa's photobook is pure visual poetry, the following pic spam might not interest you if you're not a hardcore Maasa fan ... but maybe it will sway you?
I'm still in a minor state of disbelief ... I seriously thought I would never see the day.

Pic spam roll

Maasa is not like other idols, she has a very unique personality and in my eyes acts as the mother and father of Berryz Kobo

She has a tendency to act incredibly goofy when in front of the camera

Yet she always has the ability to switch on her reserved feminine side within the blink of an eye

The location of the photobook is Guam (like many others) and Maasa clearly looks overjoyed to be there, its quite interesting to see how she acts by herself without her fellow Berryz

It's also quite interesting to see that Maasa has lost a little bit of weight, she will always retain a slightly larger frame (compared to her peers) but I think she's always looked beautiful regardless of her shape.
I wonder if the UFA suggested that she lose a little weight before they gave her a photobook?

As most Maasa enthusiasts are aware ... she's no stranger to stupid poses

Maasa's new hair cut is quite delicious, she plays with her hair and keeps saying 'cut desu! cut desu!'

Most videos of girls cleaning cars tend to have sexual leanings and iconography, so when I first saw Maasa cleaning a car I didn't know what to expect...

But thankfully she just fools around and wets herself (so to speak)


I'm actually quite glad they didn't do any slow motion scenes of her spraying the hose because obviously it would instantly suggest a phallus (to me at least)
Although if they wanted to do a shot like that for Risako's next photobook I would totally welcome that

I have quite a fetish for female calves so this shot is totally relevent to my interests


It wouldn't be a photobook without the typical bikini pose (I'm not complaining)

Maasa's freckles are the cherry upon the delicious cake

Although she can be quite masculine at times her femininity charm isn't far behind

Gratuitous calve shot X_X

Maasa's shoulders and arms are true reflections of her immense power

I think I can recall Maasa having her hair in a similar style is some magazine, was it UTB?

Maasa was asked recently what she thought her charm point was, she said that her eyes were, I would have to disagree and say her entire face is, her button nose and totally pinchable cheeks are adorable beyond words

Sometimes words are worthless ... so I'll just post pics

When looking at Maasa's cheerful face life's problems just fade away

With her hair down Maasa looks quite mature indeed, also check out those biceps

She has definitely lost some weight off her face, I can remember a few years ago when my girlfriend decided to go on a diet ... she did lose weight yet from the wrong places ... she went down a cup size :/

is this a grave stone???

My image of Maasa has totally changed now I've seen her in a bikini

This picture reminds me of this picture

Frolicking on the beach is the bread and butter of any H!P photobook

I find that exposed bellybuttons are really quite cute

This part of the video is probably the most beautiful

Simply irresistible

I've never wanted to buy a photobook so much in my life

A fairly alluring pose, who could resist such a smooth tummy?

I'm not sure why the camera goes to black and white but you cannot deny it adds a timeless elegance to the girl

If Maasa tried to flag me down while driving I would brake so hard my head would smash through the windscreen


gratuitous freckle close up

The video closes with Maasa running down the road carrying her umbrella

It's beautiful moments like this that continually reaffirm my total devotion to idols.

Absolutely delicious.


Murr said...

I've been converted. I liked her before, but seriously. Take me, take me now. And that black and white photo really is beautiful.

rackles said...

Three things:

1) I think Maasa's weight loss is just losing some baby fat. Probably the weight around her midsection got redistributed to juicier regions.

2) OH MY GOD FRECKLES! Why are those edited out of official photos?

3) I would give a lot of money to trade weight-loss trends with your gf. On me the first thing to go up and last thing to get smaller is the bust. Makes clothing really hard to fit.

Portal Space said...

Skinny little Maasa Sudou

She grew up She filled out

Anonymous said...

Maasa no sekai...so bright, comfort...



I love Maasa

Anonymous said...

She really engages the camera well and looks so confident. And Those freckles and full lips...oh my..*leaves panting and breathless*

Shirow said...

@ Murr

Ace! conversion! my work here is done.


'juicier regions' XD I need to use that term in future posts.
And yeah I was kinda shocked to see her little freckles also, although some clothing might be hard to fit with certain types of bodies you cannot deny you have the best (and cutest) range of clothing.

@Portal Space

I think she was never really that skinny ... compared to the other girls that is.


I'm hoping this PB will create an influx of new Maasa fans


Her full lips are just delicious aint they?

Portal Space said...

Just quoting Sin City, somehow felt appropriate

Anonymous said...

i believe that this PB is sky-rocketing her popularity between berryz member.
hehe, yeah i can see her biceps is still big as before :D

Vee said...

The book-reading was my favorite part...and the running down the road in that long dress. Just something about Maasa in action makes me....GUH. It makes me happy.