A new day kicking

Welcome to 'Wotaku Now!' my first ever serious atempt at blogging.
Considering I spend an unholy amount of hours on the net ... I thought it would be a wise choice to vent and express my various opinions and passions through the medium of furious typing.
As the name of my blog suggests it will be a mix of devout idol fanboyism and random remarks about Japanese culture.
Please bear with me as the page design and layout will probably change a few times before I am happy with it, questions and suggestions will be appreciated (maybe).
Below is a pie chart of what to expect in the future ...


And thats the Shirow guarantee©

1 comment:

Miki-fan said...

Hi Lukas,
Great blog you've made, must have cost hours to do so.
Well you seem a real WOTA here.
Nice pics too, funny to see you using a piechart, that makes it more serious.
Thanks for telling me dude, i sure will visit your blog more often now.
Take care Lukas,