Captin! Saki


For those of you that are fluent in the world of Hello! project you will be aware of the leader captin of 'Berryz Kobo' Saki Shimizu.
The ultra short and super sweet girl tends to be overlooked due to her fellow group members Risako Sugaya and Miyabi Natsuyaki .
I have recently been noticing her alot more recently, my eyes always tend to be fixed on my favorite members (see post below) ... but now I find myself watching Berryz concerts again and again to catch glimpses of her brilliant dance skills and great vocal ability.
Its a shame that she isnt given many vocal leads in singles, and its doubtful if she will be getting her own photobook this year (due to Risako probably getting another).
If you needed any convincing of Saki's WIN then I suggest you check the video below of her performing a solo dance during the performance of 'Anata Nashi Dewa Ikite Yukenai'


paul.thomas said...

She's a great dancer! Never noticed before. Must admit though that when it comes to Berryz I really only focus on Risako and more recently Momo. But the latest PV has really got me into some of the other members that i don't normally give that much attention too. Saki being one of them, I think I need to go through some of my old concert DVDs as well and rewatch them, I always used to skip through the Berryz performances as I wasn't really into them.

Liking the blog by the way!

Radicalipton said...

Great minds must think alike. Yes, Saki is superb. She is a great dancer, on a par with Maimi of C-ute. The dance motif she is best at is modern hip-hop style, seldom used in H!P. But she was magnificent in the 1005 Maiha graduation concert, in a sedquence that was only seconds long but unforgettable. Saki was also outstanding in ZYX, a group that also featured a tiny Maimi, Momoko, Umeda and others. Yes, Saki is underrated and underappreciated and needs to at least be in some shuffle breakouts. I am a big Saki fan and she finally got a chance to shine in the latest Berryz single "Khan." Here's to the "Little Captain."


TIMMII said...

Although this is a very old post of you, but I can't just ignore to say that, for me SAKI is the best in Berryz, or even H!P kid.

She's actually the one who drawed me into H!P world.(I've heard of MM since 2000, but never go into their song.)

AJFerbuary9 said...

Great Dancer,great singer,Great member,Great leader,GREAT CAPTAIN!!!!!